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Conventional fringe projection technology typically achieves 3D sensing rates of less than 1 Hz and thus is too slow for many applications. The challenge during the development of our sensors was to achieve substantially higher measurement rates while maintaining a high measurement precision. EnShape´s patented innovative technology realizes this ambitious goal by implementing a novel projection technology, a worldwide unique approach!
Given this, even surface structures of high complexity can be captured in realt-time with high accuracy – a new dimension in optical metrology.


The sensor family Inspect was developed with inline quality control in mind. Whenever a high measurement precision and accuracy with a short measurment time is needed, the Inspect is the sensor of choice. With more than 10 Hz smallest three-dimensional surface defects can be detected. Each measurement always contains the surface shape of the entire object. No scanning is needed.


Detect names the sensor family for robot-assisted product handling, like in Pick & Place applications. With a combination of high measurement precision and measurement rates of more than 20 Hz even very small objects can be detected in shape, orientation and location. By this, it is possible to detect objects in a short time frame and at a high rate. Detection, Segmentation, Grabbing and Processing at high rate.

PickMan is EnShape’s own high-performance software solution for random pick & place tasks. Secure and efficient gripping is possible in combination with the fast 3D sensors of EnShape. Already integrated features are edge detection (box, container, package), object detection and determination of pick points, sensor robot calibration and collision calculation. This allows not only for flexible but also for robust and reliable feeding of products at high rates.

Applications and Measurement Tasks

icon_quality-assuranceQuality Assurance

Defect Inspection, Control of Completeness, Dimensional Check,
Digitization, Normative-Actual Value Comparison

icon_roboticsAssistance Systems for Robotics

Inspection Tasks, Pick & Place, Palletizing

icon_researchResearch & Development

Diagnostics, Continuous Motion and Position Registration, Deforming Surfaces, Detection of Fluid Surfaces

icon_research KopieMan-Machine-Interaction

For joint Handling and Production in Industry

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