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PickMan is EnShape’s own high-performance software solution for random pick & place tasks. Secure and efficient gripping is possible in combination with the fast 3D sensors of EnShape.

Characteristics and Benefits

  • Software for high-performance Random Pick & Place („Bin Picking“)
  • Fast Post-Processing in milliseconds includes:
    • Objects can be arbitrary shape or parametrized
    • Container detection (edge detection)
    • Emptiness detection
    • Object detection and pick point determination
    • Collision calculation with the container, surrounding parts and own gripper models
  • Pick points are transfered directly into the robots coordinate system
  • Robust edge detection even with partial superposition in 80 milliseconds!
  • Connects directly with your robotics (via Ethernet)
  • Individual process parameters adaptable to the application
  • Combined with EnShape 3D sensors a total pick point determination time can be realized with less than 400 milliseconds
  • Rapid post-processing and reliable collision detection guarantee a high robustness, flexibility and safety coupled with a high cycle rate
  • Situational Bin Picking – No fixed robot paths but intelligent pick movements

High Profitability

  • Efficient and easy operation
  • Low initial costs
  • Easy installation and rapid integration into existing processes
  • Huge variety of parts can be processed
  • In combination with the EnShape 3D Sensors PickMan allows a unique high level of automation

Potential Applications

  • Random Pick & Place applications – „Bin Picking“
  • Component localization for assembly automation
  • Order picking and high speed sorting of products
  • Assistance system for robot applications
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