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3D sensors from EnShape – Measureing simple, fast and precise

3D sensors with active structured illumination are among the most accurate of optical measurement techniques for full-field measurement of macroscopic objects. Commonly, such sensors are limited in performance by lower projection rate or light power. EnShape utilizes a novel and patented projection technology that achieves high projection rates and strong light power. Hence, currently impressively short measurement times can be realized for a full-field 3D shape measurement with very high accuracy. Due to very performant algorithms, the measurement data (3D representation of the object under test) is processed within milliseconds and available at short latency.

Advantages of this technology in comparison

comparison to fixed-pattern projection systems

In comparison to 3D sensor with fixed-pattern projection on the market, the precision of measurement data from EnShape sensors is significantly higher. Meaning, at comparable lateral resolution more object details and finer height differences can be detected. This for instance allows or simplifies the detection and differentiation of small or flat objects for robot-assisted product handling.


comparison to stripe-projection systems

Regarding stripe-projection 3D sensors duration of measurement is significantly reduced (up to factor 100x). Meaning that the time needed for the 3D shape acquisition of the object is reduced without loosing measurement precision. This allows for short measurement times for single objects or high rate inspection of multiple objects for inline quality control.


comparison to laser line triangulation systems

In contrast to laser line triangulation sensors or systems mit multiple laser lines no movement of the object or scanning is needed. EnShape’s sensors always acquire a dense full-field 3D representation of the object under test.


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